Class 9 English Chapter 11 Oh I wish Id looked after me teeth

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 11 Oh I wish Id looked after me teeth.
Question 4.
On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following questions by ticking the correct choice:
(a) The title ‘Oh, 1 wish I’d looked after me teeth’ expresses ______
(i) regret
(ii) humour
(iii) longing
(iv) pleasure

(i) regret

(b) The conscience of the speaker pricks her as she has ______
(i) been careless
(ii) been ignorant
(iii) been fun loving
(iv) been rude
(i) been careless

(c) The speaker says that she has paved the way for cavities and decay by ______
(i) eating the wrong food and not brushing
(ii) not listening to his mother
(iii) laughing at his mother’s false teeth
(iv) not listening to the dentist
(i) eating the wrong food and not brushing

(d) The tone of the narrator is one of ______
(i) joy
(ii) nostalgia
(iii) regret
(iv) sorrow
(iv) sorrow

Question 5.
Answer the following questions:
(a) ”… But up-and-down brushin’
And pokin’ and fussin’
Didn’t seem worth the time—I could bite!” What do these lines convey?
(b) Why did the poet go to the dentist? How could she have avoided it?
(c) “If you got a tooth, you got a friend”, what do you understand from the line?
(d) With reference to the poem, how can you look after your teeth?
(e) Give an appropriate proverb that conveys the message that this poem carries.
(a) The act of brushing her teeth up and down and checking them carefully didn’t help her much. It was too little and too late. Most of the time she hajl been biting lollies, toffees, sweets and candies. And that had already done the damage.
(b) The poet went to the dentist for fillings and drilling. She lay in the chair of an old dentist who was drilling into her teeth with his machine. She could have avoided all these if she had taken proper care of her teeth.
(c) ‘If you got a tooth, you got a friend’ expresses a practical truth of life. Without healthy teeth you can’t chew and eat things properly. Good teeth are your good friends. They keep your taste and digestion all right.
(d) The poem gives us a definite message. We should not neglect our teeth but take a proper care of them. We should not eat toffees, lollies, candies and sweets. If we don’t care, it means we are paving the way for cavities, caps and decay.
(e) Make hay while the sun shines.

Question 6.
Listen to the conversation between Doki and his sister, Moki. As you listen complete the idioms and expressions listed below:
1. sleep ……………….
2 ………………. me the willies
3. crack the ………………
4. take the …………….. to water
5. ……………tail.
6. wonders will …………….
7. ……………… can’t be undone.
8. reap what I …………….
Idioms are metaphorical expressions rather than literal. For example ‘give someone the willies’ does not simply mean ‘to hand over something called willies to someone’, but ‘to make someone feel nervous’. It is important for learners of English to understand them and be able to use them.
1. sleep like a log. (sleep very well)
2. unwanted guests give me the willies (make me nervous)
3. crack the whip (use your authority)
4. take the well to water (do the opposite)
5. I know neither its head nor its tail (know nothing about it)
6. Wonders will never cease (wonders will continue to happen)
7. What has been done, can’t be undone (can’t be changed)
8. Reap what I sow. (bad result of what you did in the past)

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