NCERT Solutions Class 7 Geography Chapter 8 The Tropical Subtropical Region

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Geography Chapter 8 The Tropical and the Subtropical Region.

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1. Answer the following questions.

(i) Name the continent in which the Amazon Basin is located.
Amazon Basin is located in South America.

(ii) What are the crops grown by the people of the Amazon Basin.
The people of the Amazon Basin mainly grow crops like tapioca, pineapple and sweet potato.
They also grow manioc also known as cassava, cocoa and coffee.

(iii) Name the birds that you are likely to find in the rainforests of the Amazon.
Toucans, humming birds and bird of paradise are the birds that likely to find in the rainforests of
the Amazo.

(iv) What are the major cities located on the River Ganga.
Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Patna and Kolkata are the major cities located on the
River Ganga.

(v) Where is the one-horned rhinoceros found?
The one-horned rhinoceros is found in the Brahmaputra plain.

2. Tick the correct answer.

(i) Toucans are a type of
(a) birds (b) animals (c) crops
✓ (a) birds

(ii) Manioc is the staple food of
(a) Ganga Basin (b) Africa (c) Amazon
✓ (c) Amazon

(iii) Kolkata is located on the river
(a) Orange (b) Hooghly (c) Bhagirathi
✓ (b) Hooghly

(iv) Deodars and firs are a type of
(a) Coniferous trees (b) Deciduous trees (c) shrubs
✓ (a) Coniferous trees

(v) Bengal tiger is found in
(a) mountains (b) delta area (c) Amazon
✓ (b) delta area

3. Match the following.
(i) Cotton textile (a) Assam
(ii) Maloca (b) Terrace farming
(iii) Piranha (c) Sericulture
(iv) Silk worm (d) Slanting roof
(v) Kaziranga (e) Ganga plain
- (f) Varanasi
- (g) Fish

(i) Cotton textile (f) Varanasi
(ii) Maloca (d) Slanting roof
(iii) Piranha (g) Fish
(iv) Silk worm (c) Sericulture
(v) Kaziranga (a) Assam

4. Give reasons.
(i) The rainforests are depleting.
(ii) Paddy is grown in the Ganga-Brahmaputra plains.
(i) The rainforests are depleting due to following reasons:
→ The indigenous population was pushed out for the developmental activities which is leading to the the destruction of the rainforests.
→ Large scale deforestation for construction of roads, industries and houses.
→ For getting wood from forests in order to increase economical profit.

(ii) Paddy is grown in the Ganga-Brahmaputra plains the availability of sufficient amount of
water in this area.
Paddy requires fertile alluvial soil and much water to grow which is easily available in this plain.
The rainfall and temperature also support the growth of paddy.

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